Vote Andrew Bailey on January 14th 2020

Let Andrew Bailey work for you!

Vote Andrew Bailey on January 14th 2020

Let Andrew Bailey work for you!

The Platform

Serving The Community

Andrew is a father, husband, teacher, and a union member who cares about the people who live and work in Bullitt and Jefferson Counties.  He will go to Frankfort to fight for you.  Put a fresh face in Frankfort this January 14th by voting Andrew Bailey. 

Promises Made Promises Kept

Andrew will fully fund the pensions of our first responders and teachers.  He will work to bring new jobs to our community and to end corporate tax breaks to corporations who do not provide jobs to Kentuckians.  He will vote to fully fund our public schools and to decrease the cost of tuition for public universities.  Andrew supports trade schools and organized labor.  He will end Right to Work (for less) and restore prevailing wage. 

Get Involved

We need all hands on deck to win this Special Election on January 14th.  Volunteer to help write post cards, knock doors, or make phone calls by emailing us at

We also value each and every donation no matter the size.  If you are willing to host a fund raiser for Andrew Bailey, please contact us via email.

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We can take back this senate seat with your help.



Fully Funded Public Education

Our state ranks 48th in Education.  That is unacceptable to me.  We must fully fund our public schools and eliminate our charter laws.  Our kids deserve a world class education that allows them to learn the next generation skills they need to enter the workforce, attend trade school, or go to college with a leg up on their peers from other states.

Fully Funded Pensions

Our First Responders (Police, Fire, EMS) and teachers agreed to a lower salary than they are worth because the state promised them a pension.  I will keep that promise so that we can retain and attract the best people in these roles.  A promise made is a promise kept.


Every Kentuckian deserves affordable healthcare that will not drop them or raise rates based on preexisting conditions or becoming pregnant.  I will fight for you not the insurance companies.

Job Creation

80% of Kentuckians make less than $60,000 a year.  We need high paying careers that will employ Kentuckians and pay them a living wage.  I will not give a corporation a tax break unless they are willing to guarantee that jobs will be created for my fellow Kentuckians.

Progressive Taxes

By ending corporate tax loop holes and reforming the tax code, we can lower taxes on 95% of Kentuckians.  We must end our current flat tax, which really is nothing more than a tax break for those earning over $250K and a tax raise on the rest of us.  I would also work to end the service taxes that were passed by the Republicans in the last legislative session.

Alternate Revenue Streams

We are missing out on revenue that is going to legal casinos across our borders.  We must expand casino gaming so that money can stay in our communities.  I would be open to medical marijuana as a source of revenue provided that it is not a tax placed on sick people and that it used as a specific revenue stream for public benefit. 

Get involved!